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About The Reach Online Fat Loss Programme

About the Reach Online Fat Loss Programme


The first step in getting you where you want to be is helping you see the possibilities and understand what it will take to get there. A key part of this is realising that it’s not a bodybuilding competition with a fixed date, where you have to stand up in public on a fixed date, half naked with no possibility of changing it. This is real life and our coaching program doesn’t work like that! We won’t let you kid yourself and keep changing the goalposts for no reason, but we will help you to create a realistic timescale for your success!

See the potential! No more guessing and wishing. I’ll help you to remove the shackles and show you what’s possible on the Reach Online Fat Loss Programme, based on my experience of working with 100s of REAL people like you. No more selling yourself short or setting yourself up for failure.

Goal setting! We’ll set some short-term, medium-term and long-term goals based on the vision we’ve created for your potential. Crucially, I’ll help you adapt your goals as we progress, with an objective viewpoint so you know whether you are changing the goalposts because that’s the right thing to do, or whether you are selling yourself short. I’ll be your voice of reason.

See the solution! I’ll help you to see what you need to do to achieve YOUR goals. We’ll map out a short, medium and long term plan that covers fat loss, toning, fitness, health and sustainability – exactly the same results that our top performing clients get with the Reach Online Fat Loss Programme!

See the RESULTS! You’ve seen the results from our amazing clients! Now it’s YOUR turn. You WILL achieve great things but I’ll be there to show you the little victories on the days when (as we all do) you don’t feel like you’re making progress.


Knowledge / Information / Understanding! The Reach Online Fat Loss Programme is the most comprehensive fat loss coaching programme available. We’ll cover the basics, such as how many calories to eat, and setting your macros so you’re not guessing. We’ll also cover things like hunger management, fibre, healthy fats and lots more. We’ll also teach you how to sustain these results for the rest of your life, whilst still enjoying your life!!

Expertise! I’ve helped so many people to go from struggling to make any progress, let alone keep it off…to sustainable, lifelong RESULTS! I know the pitfalls and I know the potential barriers and obstacles, so I can help you over them IF they occur. Importantly, I can also help you to make sure the typical crashes don’t happen. It’s like a game of snakes and ladders! I can help you fast-track your way to the ladders, get up them at a speed that works for you, and avoid the snakes as much as possible!

Experience! The Reach Online Fat Loss Programme isn’t a generic one size fits all plan! It’s a bespoke coaching service to help you get the results you want. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. What worked for me wouldn’t necessarily work for many of my clients, and what works for some of my clients doesn’t work for others. In order to know this and manage it, you have to have years of experience, refining your craft, testing and learning like a scientist! I’ve been operating in the health and fitness industry for the best part of 20 years now, and my background in academia helped me to ensure that we’re constantly learning how to get the best results for our clients.

Tools & Resources

  • Online success library

  • Fat loss nutrition plan

  • Reach Recipe books

  • Client meal photo library (over 1000 examples)

  • Video workshop

  • Mindset coaching

  • Reach mini ebooks

  • Huge FAQ database

  • Example meal plans

  • Optional 5-30 minute FastFit workouts

  • Weight training programmes with demo videos and descriptions

  • Private, members only Facebook group

  • And lots more!



  • I’ll help you to focus on the positive

  • I’ll help you to understand how to interpret the numbers, so you’re not afraid to step on the scales. No one should be scared of their numbers. I’ll help you to embrace the data.

  • We will explore the possibilities and agree a goal, based on YOUR mindset, lifestyle and ability.

  • I’ve worked with people who have experienced bulimia and binging eating in the past and helped them not only to get the body they want, but to approach nutrition in a way that improves their physiological and psychological health

  • I’ve worked with people who are scared to get on the scales because they don’t like the number, and helped them to understand that the number is just a number – it’s how you feel about that number that’s important. I help my clients to take ownership and control of their relationship with the scales, their body and their goals. It’s not about what their friends tell them they should look like. It’s not about what the media dictates. It’s what they want. I’m here to facilitate that.


  • Clients often have unrealistic expectations of themselves and can be disheartened when they are actually performing incredibly well. I’m here to bring you some context.

  • We all see things from our own perspective, but I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, and this often helps to my clients to see the bigger picture and be less harsh on themselves.


  • You’ll check-in every day and I’m available on WhatsApp to answer your questions and help you over the hurdles.

Adapting & Adjusting

  • You don’t have to worry about when to put your calories up or down. I will do that for you and help you to remove the guesswork.

  • I’ll help you to contextualise your progress and make adjustments to the programme if needed.


  • Our client-only Facebook group is fantastic to ask questions and see updates from our clients who’ve been through the same process as you!



My clients have daily check-in with weekly and three month reviews. But these check-in are not designed to create fear. Often the first thing my clients say is that they are scared of letting me down but we are always really clear that I’m not here to judge. I’m just here to help you achieve your goals.


Often, my best performing clients see what they are doing as normal so don’t give themselves enough credit. I’ve worked with hundreds of people so I know what’s exceptional, what’s average and what are the signs of somebody struggling. I’m here to help you! Even if that means re-evaluating your goals to something more realistic if you’re struggling. Sometimes it just means helping you to understand that what you’re doing is amazing, even if it feels like you should be doing more. When you get real it helps you to feel so much better. We’re all about being realistic and bringing reality to the table.


My clients can contact me via WhatsApp or the nutrition coaching app. I’m only a message away and I try to answer as soon as possible. I always encourage people to ask questions and let me know if they are struggling. After all, I can’t help if I don’t know what’s going on, I’m here to help you get to the top of that snakes and ladders board ASAP

Teamwork & Trust

I’m here to provide the foundation, the pillars and the platform for you to get great results, but you’re the one that has to put it into action. It really is a team effort. I don’t work with everyone because not everyone is right for the programme, and I’m not the right coach for everyone. My clients and I build up lots of trust because they believe in the process, they believe that I have their best interest at heart and I believe that they’re able to get the results they want. The reason for this is that honesty is at the forefront of everything we do. We don’t set unrealistic goals, we don’t offer magic solutions. It’s a very clear dialogue, built on honesty and a realistic approach to realistic but excellent results.

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