Are you bothered?

A lady in the local shop asked me today, “How can I stop eating rubbish?” My reply, “Have you tried?”
“How long have you tried for? A day, a month, an hour?”
“I just keep eating sweets”
“So you’re not really that bothered. You haven’t really tried have you?”
(Smiles and looks sheepish)

First rule of change – do you actually want to change? Are you that bothered about it?
If you think you might be then try doing it. See whether you can or you can’t; whether it’s going to be hard or easy. In doing so you’ll probably decide whether or not you’re actually bothered about it!

Every single person I know who has done anything well to any degree has actually been bothered about it. It’s been important to them!

I’m rubbish at golf. I can’t play the trumpet. I can only do about four kick ups with a football but I’m pretty sure that if I was bothered about being good at then I could get quite proficient by doing them a lot. I’d have lessons, I’d practice every day. I’d take a greater interest in them. I’d play regularly. The reason I don’t is that I’m not that bothered. I don’t care enough about it. It’s not important to me!

Contrast that with DJing. When I was younger I tried and tried and tried…and gave up…and started again…and tried some more until I became good at it. Why? I love music! I knew I had it in my mind – I could hear what I wanted to do with the music I just wasn’t quite sure of how to do it technically.

It was exactly the same with training. I wanted my body to look a certain way but I wasn’t quite sure what to do. So I practised, I read up, I learned, I made it a massive part of my life. For years! Not just for a few hours or a few days or a twelve week crash course…YEARS!! Because it was important to me!!

Anyway, after we had a bit of a laugh I ended the conversation by saying, “At the moment you’re not that bothered about stopping eating sweets. It’s just one of those ‘nice to have’ things for you, so don’t worry about it, but if it keeps niggling at you then give me a shout and I’ll give you some more tips”.

…The first one of which will be to work out why it’s important.

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