The Lack of Results Cycle

I see this all too often and it’s sad because everything we need is right there in front of us but decent results don’t come without doing the right things. Yes, there is some flexibility in terms of how quickly you want results versus how strict you are going to be in order to get[…]

Holiday Nutrition

Holidays are a really good test of whether or not you think of your daily nutrition as part of your normal lifestyle or whether it’s just a “diet”. Something that you are just grinding through, a means to an end.  Is what you’re doing a lifestyle or a “diet”? Do you sit around all day[…]

Do you hate trying to lose weight?

Today has been a nice relaxed Sunday for me. I’ve trained this morning (yoga + lifting + gymnastics), been shopping, listened to the football, had a nap on the sofa, been for a run and I’m now working. Granted, I have been afforded this rare luxury of being able to enjoy my day without any[…]

Getting the balance between goals, health and happiness

We focus a lot on compliance towards our goals but it’s absolutely vital that we constantly check our goals to make sure they don’t cross the line between health and illness – between what makes us happy and what makes us unhappy. Doctors take the Hippocratic oath and adhere to the principle of “Primum non[…]

How much does PT cost?

  How much does PT cost? • A cheap one – £15 per hour. • Average price at DW or Virgin – £30 per hour. • UK’s top prices – £150 per hour. But, guess what!? … You’re not paying for the hour – you’re paying for the value that your PT brings to that[…]

Are you bothered?

A lady in the local shop asked me today, “How can I stop eating rubbish?” My reply, “Have you tried?” “Errm…” “How long have you tried for? A day, a month, an hour?” “I just keep eating sweets” “So you’re not really that bothered. You haven’t really tried have you?” (Smiles and looks sheepish) First rule of change[…]

The Nonsense of Herbalife, Forever Living & Juice Plus

I’ve no big issue with shake-based weight loss programmes, other than the fact that the people selling them talk nonsense. The purported benefits of the products have no more scientific basis than me putting my socks in the vacuum cleaner and then expecting to find an apple grow on my steering wheel as a result.[…]

Craving a beer or dehydrated?

As a rule, I don’t drink a lot of beerl. It’s not that I don’t like the odd Pils or Guiness, it’s just that I don’t like hangovers. So, I was surprised when I came out of the gym today and thought to myself, “I could murder a cold lager”. After thinking about it for[…]

Lack of sleep and how it affects the brain

Ever wondered if burning the candle at both ends is bad for your health? Here’s a look at an experiment that highlights the issues associated with a lack of sleep.

Training hard requires adequate rest. Sleep (along with nutrition) is a major part of the post-workout recovery process. Getting enough sleep is vital, not only physiologically but psychologically as well, therefore it’s important to get a good balance between training hard and recovery. Power naps, weekend lie-ins and early nights can all help to make you fitter, healthier, happier and perform better.

Is running on a treadmill easier than running outdoors?

Research article shows that a 25 minute 5k on the treadmill will seem a harder than a 25 minute 5k on the road, therefore it may be beneficial to incorporate pace-matched treadmill running so that when it comes to running on the road, it seems easier.

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Get Your Free Fat Loss Recipe Book
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Get Your Free Fat Loss Recipe Book
We'll send you the Reach Fat Loss Recipe Book for FREE!