Reach Personal Training: Success Tips #2 Be a Scientist not a Critic

Lots of trainers tell people what they want to hear – that getting weighed doesn’t matter and to throw away the scales. We disagree! If you’re a 5 2 female who weighs 200lb then you aren’t going to look “toned” or fit into a size 10 dress unless you lose a good 50lb+. Calipers and[…]

Reach Personal Training: Success Tips #1 Calorie Density & Satiety

If you are on a calorie deficit then it makes sense to eat as much food as possible within your calorie limit. Choosing nutrient-dense food rather than calorie-dense food helps to achieve your goals and stay healthy. Private Personal Training Leeds and Bradford at Reach Personal Training Birstall.

Holiday Nutrition

Holidays are a really good test of whether or not you think of your daily nutrition as part of your normal lifestyle or whether it’s just a “diet”. Something that you are just grinding through, a means to an end.  Is what you’re doing a lifestyle or a “diet”? Do you sit around all day[…]

How to set a realistic target weight

Goal Weight vs Goal Body I’ve trained many clients and spoken to lots of people who have both an ideal goal weight in mind, as well as ideal body they’d like (usually a celebrity or online fitness model). There is, however, in 90% of cases, a large disparity between the weight of their target body[…]

Do you hate trying to lose weight?

Today has been a nice relaxed Sunday for me. I’ve trained this morning (yoga + lifting + gymnastics), been shopping, listened to the football, had a nap on the sofa, been for a run and I’m now working. Granted, I have been afforded this rare luxury of being able to enjoy my day without any[…]

Pricing up a PT

Pricing up a PT can be difficult when you don’t really know  you should be looking for.  A good way to approach it is to think of it like hiring for any service. If you were hiring someone to renovate your kitchen then you might look for recommendations, pictures of previous work,  communication, honesty and[…]

Tired, lacking motivation and hungry? Hello winter!

Feeling tired? CBA? Craving carbs? Eating more than usual? You’re probably not alone! Once the warm weather and long days have disappeared, it’s fairly common to experience a drop in motivation when it comes to fitness and aesthetics.  There seems to be a number of potential reasons for this.  1: End of holiday season Holiday[…]

Training vs Exercising: Don’t be a Drudge!

If you are focusing on how many calories you are burning when you are exercising then you are doing exactly that – “exercising”. To make the best of your workout time you need to be “training”. What’s the difference? Exercising = Physical activity Training = Physical activity with a plan, a focus and an effort[…]

Getting the balance between goals, health and happiness

We focus a lot on compliance towards our goals but it’s absolutely vital that we constantly check our goals to make sure they don’t cross the line between health and illness – between what makes us happy and what makes us unhappy. Doctors take the Hippocratic oath and adhere to the principle of “Primum non[…]

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Get Your Free Fat Loss Recipe Book
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Get Your Free Fat Loss Recipe Book
We'll send you the Reach Fat Loss Recipe Book for FREE!