Should I Avoid Processed Meat?

A client asked me whether to stop eating ham because it’s processed. My answer, as always, was, “Why?” Packaged salad is processed; so is protein powder (about as highly processed as it gets). So are canned tomatoes, wine, cooked chicken breast (added water, dextrose etc), Diet Coke, chewing gum, apples (covered in wax) and lots[…]

Holiday Nutrition

Holidays are a really good test of whether or not you think of your daily nutrition as part of your normal lifestyle or whether it’s just a “diet”. Something that you are just grinding through, a means to an end.  Is what you’re doing a lifestyle or a “diet”? Do you sit around all day[…]

Running & Calories

Running makes up about 10% of my total training. I generally run a little bit between March and September and hibernate during the cold, wet weather. First of all I want to stress that I don’t run to burn off calories and I don’t recommend that you should run to burn off calories. Run because[…]

How to set a realistic target weight

Goal Weight vs Goal Body I’ve trained many clients and spoken to lots of people who have both an ideal goal weight in mind, as well as ideal body they’d like (usually a celebrity or online fitness model). There is, however, in 90% of cases, a large disparity between the weight of their target body[…]

Do you hate trying to lose weight?

Today has been a nice relaxed Sunday for me. I’ve trained this morning (yoga + lifting + gymnastics), been shopping, listened to the football, had a nap on the sofa, been for a run and I’m now working. Granted, I have been afforded this rare luxury of being able to enjoy my day without any[…]

Getting the balance between goals, health and happiness

We focus a lot on compliance towards our goals but it’s absolutely vital that we constantly check our goals to make sure they don’t cross the line between health and illness – between what makes us happy and what makes us unhappy. Doctors take the Hippocratic oath and adhere to the principle of “Primum non[…]

How much does PT cost?

  How much does PT cost? • A cheap one – £15 per hour. • Average price at DW or Virgin – £30 per hour. • UK’s top prices – £150 per hour. But, guess what!? … You’re not paying for the hour – you’re paying for the value that your PT brings to that[…]

Get Your Diet Right Before You Worry About Supplements

Before you worry about fat burners, get the basics right and you’ll be set for life. I get loads of questions from new clients and teenagers about supplements and they are usually approaching things back to front. Get the basics (calories, macros, timing) right first, then worry about the last 5-10% improvements that come via[…]

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Get Your Free Fat Loss Recipe Book
We'll send you the Reach Fat Loss Recipe Book for FREE!
Get Your Free Fat Loss Recipe Book
We'll send you the Reach Fat Loss Recipe Book for FREE!