Pricing up a PT

Pricing up a PT can be difficult when you don’t really know  you should be looking for.  A good way to approach it is to think of it like hiring for any service. If you were hiring someone to renovate your kitchen then you might look for recommendations, pictures of previous work,  communication, honesty and[…]

My top 3 over-rated foods for weight loss

My top 3 over-rated foods for weight loss are: – Avocados – Coconut oil – Peanut butter The most important element in successful weight loss is maintaining a calorie deficit. Although avocados and coconut oil can be healthy when consumed in appropriate quantities they are very high in fat, which is very calorie-dense. Their constant[…]

Tired, lacking motivation and hungry? Hello winter!

Feeling tired? CBA? Craving carbs? Eating more than usual? You’re probably not alone! Once the warm weather and long days have disappeared, it’s fairly common to experience a drop in motivation when it comes to fitness and aesthetics.  There seems to be a number of potential reasons for this.  1: End of holiday season Holiday[…]

The Truth About What it Takes to Get in Great Shape

We received this message today. This really does sum-up the attitude of our most successful clients! Everyone sees the before and after pictures and all these fit and healthy looking Reach transformations on Instagram and Facebook. What they don’t see is the attitude behind the progress. Exceptional progress takes exceptional commitment and that commitment comes[…]

Training vs Exercising: Don’t be a Drudge!

If you are focusing on how many calories you are burning when you are exercising then you are doing exactly that – “exercising”. To make the best of your workout time you need to be “training”. What’s the difference? Exercising = Physical activity Training = Physical activity with a plan, a focus and an effort[…]

Getting the balance between goals, health and happiness

We focus a lot on compliance towards our goals but it’s absolutely vital that we constantly check our goals to make sure they don’t cross the line between health and illness – between what makes us happy and what makes us unhappy. Doctors take the Hippocratic oath and adhere to the principle of “Primum non[…]

How much does PT cost?

  How much does PT cost? • A cheap one – £15 per hour. • Average price at DW or Virgin – £30 per hour. • UK’s top prices – £150 per hour. But, guess what!? … You’re not paying for the hour – you’re paying for the value that your PT brings to that[…]

Are you bothered?

A lady in the local shop asked me today, “How can I stop eating rubbish?” My reply, “Have you tried?” “Errm…” “How long have you tried for? A day, a month, an hour?” “I just keep eating sweets” “So you’re not really that bothered. You haven’t really tried have you?” (Smiles and looks sheepish) First rule of change[…]

What is my body fat percentage?

Most commercially available body fat monitors are very inaccurate. Industry standard Harpenden callipers cost £300 and they depend massively on the accuracy of the person taking the reading and also the mathematical formula used to arrive at a percentage (there are hundreds of different formulas, each of which will give you a different figure). So[…]

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Get Your Free Fat Loss Recipe Book
We'll send you the Reach Fat Loss Recipe Book for FREE!
Get Your Free Fat Loss Recipe Book
We'll send you the Reach Fat Loss Recipe Book for FREE!