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Reach Coach: Dan

Reach Coach: Dan Sroda

I’m Dan Sroda and I help people to lose weight, tone up, improve their health and lifestyle, and get the RESULTS they want in a sustainable, healthy way!

I am a fully qualified Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer. I have a BA (hons) with First Class Honours, and a PGCert with distinction. I hold a Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and I am member of The Nutrition Society.

I’m also a member of Mensa and in my spare time I enjoy weight training, running and cycling. Outside of fitness I love music, musical theatre, and the odd pizza and vodka, lime and soda!

Before entering the health and fitness profession I worked as an HE Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour, with specific interests in cognitive bias in judgement and decision-making, critical thinking, and motivation.

“My health and fitness journey has been very similar to the majority of our clients. I didn’t just become a PT, having always been fit. I started when I was almost 30 – overweight, completely unfit, and smoking and drinking most days. My nutrition was absolutely awful and I had to make a huge transformation, both in my mindset and my actions, which helped me to change my body, fitness, health and my self-esteem.

This (so far) 18 year journey of learning, with myself and through helping thousands of others, underpins everything that we do at Reach.

I had to do what our clients do – integrate health and fitness into a busy life that mainly revolves round work and family. That’s the reason why we’re able to relate and help our clients to get such amazing RESULTS!”