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Reach Coach: Dan

Reach Coach: Dan

Dan Sroda: Head Coach
BA (hons) First Class Honours
PG Cert
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer

Reach Head Coach, Dan, is an experienced Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. His background as an HE Lecturer, specialising in Organisational Psychology, combined with his own experience in Personal Development & Motivation, plays a vital role in ensuring that Reach clients have the perfect platform of psychology and physiology to get amazing RESULTS.

Dan has helped hundreds of people to lose weight, get lean, tone up and feel good about themselves.

“My health and fitness journey has been very similar to the majority of our clients. I didn’t just become a PT having always been fit! I started when I was almost 30 – overweight, completely unfit, and smoking and drinking most days. My nutrition was absolutely awful and I had to make a huge transformation, both in my mindset and my actions, which helped me to change my body, fitness, health and my self-esteem.

This (so far) 16 year journey of learning, with myself and through helping thousands of others, underpins everything that we do at Reach. I didn’t just leave college fit as a fiddle because I played sport. I wasn’t a bodybuilding competitor taking steroids. I had to do what our clients do – integrate health and fitness into a busy life that mainly revolves round work and family. That’s the reason why we’re able to relate and help our clients to get such amazing RESULTS”.

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