Do you hate trying to lose weight?

Today has been a nice relaxed Sunday for me. I’ve trained this morning (yoga + lifting + gymnastics), been shopping, listened to the football, had a nap on the sofa, been for a run and I’m now working.

Granted, I have been afforded this rare luxury of being able to enjoy my day without any time pressure from work, social appointments, family or children. What this has done has highlighted something that I already am aware of – I train because I enjoy it!!

For a lot of people, their initial introduction to fitness is accompanied by a pressing drive – an urge to get where they want to be, quickly.

Those who have put in the work mentally, physically and with their nutrition, know that there comes a point when you have been doing it for long enough and made enough progress to realise that it’s an ongoing process, which is so much more gratifying if you enjoy what you are doing.

You can’t wait to train. To go to the gym. To train in the garage. To follow a yoga video on YouTube. To go out for a run. To signed up for Tough Mudder. To sign up for a half marathon. To work on your deadlift. To learn to do a handstand.

All of these. Some of these. None of these. Find what works for you. That ace combination of something that you love doing that also helps you to Reach your goals.

It’s not something that you have to do. It’s not something that you begrudge doing because you’re just trying to shift a few stones.

It’s something that you look forward to. Something that interests you. Something that you enjoy. Something that you would be doing twice a day if you could.

My advice is to try and adopt this attitude from the start. Here are four tips:

1: Decide on your goal.
2: Research some ways to achieve it (there’s often more than one way).
3: Decide which way has the right balance of efficacy and enjoyment.
4: Resolve to make it as much a part of your life as watching TV or going to work.

If you can do this then you’ll never begrudge having to train and it will become a huge source of enjoyment.

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