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Reach Personal Training Birstall

Get fit! Lose weight! Tone up! Feel amazing! Check out some of our brilliant client results.

Forget the talk – see for yourself. We…get…results!!

“Personally im so pleased! Happy is an understatement in fact I’ve signed up for the next round of training. I’ve nothing put positivity and praise for these guys.” Sarah B.

“I’ve been training here on a regular basis for a while and the positive effect it has had on my body, health and wellbeing is huge. Don’t just expect a workout, expect a tailored lifestyle change. One of the best decisions I have made!” Shahid R

“I have never felt or looked fitter and my diet is pretty good too. Training with Dan has being a total lifestyle change, but the best one. Dan has totally changed my mindset on fitness and training and now I thrive on it and love the new challenges. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone wanting to get fit and incorporate fitness in to their everyday life.” Victoria R

Want to change your life for the better?

Unit 9, Carr Mills, Business Park, 919 Bradford Rd, Birstall, Batley WF17 9JY