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30 tasty recipes to help you LOSE BODY FAT and achieve your goals! 5 healthy breakfasts. 18 main courses. 3 tasty desserts!

Getting the body and you want (not to mention the health and confidence) doesn’t have to involve boring food!

As many of our clients have discovered, you can make fantastic meals and be as creative as you like. The Reach Online Fat Loss Programme gives everything you need to achieve amazing results whilst eating tasty, healthy meals.

Your FREE Reach Recipe book will help you get started quickly and easily – and the whole family will love them!

Say Goodbye…

…to Belly Fat!

Although we all know that you can’t spot-reduce body fat, if you get your nutrition right, you’ll soon see RESULTS, which means…
  • A more toned stomach area

  • Toned thighs

  • Tighter glutes


Who Am I?

I’m Dan Sroda, PT, nutritionist and voice of science and reason in an industry filled with fads and quick-fix failures.

I’ve helped hundreds of people to lose weight, tone up, improve their health and lifestyle, and get the RESULTS they want in a sustainable, healthy way!

People usually get in touch with me for one of two reasons, either:

1: They’ve tried many other diets, fads etc and they’ve struggled to get sustainable results.

2: They want to make some changes in their lifestyle and are looking for sensible, achievable results.

The health and fitness industry is full of conflicting information, smoke and mirrors, misinformation, and downright lies for a profit. One of my key jobs is to help you cut through all the crazy stuff, save you lots of time and help you to understand how to achieve YOUR goals!

What’s Included?


5 healthy breakfasts

18 amazing main courses

6 super sides

3 delicious desserts

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Time to tone up!

Get your FREE Reach Recipe book today!

Recipe book

Get Your FREE Fat Loss Recipe Book

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Get your FREE Reach Recipe book