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Reach Group PT Birstall

Are You Looking To:

Lose Weight!

Reduce Body Fat!

Tone Up!

Improve Your Health!

Get Stronger & Fitter!

Increase Your Confidence!

Are You Ready To Make A Change?

If you’re fed up with not having the body you want and being unsure whether you’re doing the right things at the gym, and you have decided to commit to achieving your goals, then we would love to meet you and help you make those goals a reality.

We’ve helped hundreds of people reach their health, fitness and body goals to completely transform their lives. Now, we’d love to help you too…

See what the amazing people we’ve helped say:

After trying everything, Reach Group PT client, Natalie, talks about about her 6 stone weight loss and looks ahead to more amazing progress. 💪

Vanessa discusses her amazing Reach Results and how Reach is different.💪

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    Reach Coaches Dan & Cat

    The quality of coaching and programming that goes into our Group PT sessions would usually cost around £40 per session 1-2-1.

    Not everyone can afford £400+ a month for Private Personal Training, so our Group PT programme gives you the highest quality of coaching, starting at just £8.00 per session.


    Get your FREE TASTER Group PT Session. 💪

    No Strings Attached!

    Does This Sound Familiar?

    You want to lose weight, increase strength and tone up but struggle with motivation and guidance to do it alone…

    You want to get fit, healthy & strong with like minded people in a non-judgemental environment…

    You want to be part of a supportive group where everyone works hard together to achieve their individual goals…

    You’d love to have more energy throughout the day so you can be more productive and motivated in all aspects of life…

    You want to improve your body in a healthy and long-lasting way…

    You want to understand  nutrition with expert guidance to accelerate your results and hit your goals in record time…

    1.Personalised Training
    2.Proven Nutrition Plan
    3.Progress Tracking
    4.Goal Assessment
    5.Ongoing Support

    6. Accountability
    7. Education & Understanding
    8. Regular Check-ins
    9. Mindset Development
    10. FREE Reach Recipe Books

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      MONDAY: 10am | 5pm | 7pm
      TUESDAY: 6am | 12pm | 5pm | 7pm
      WEDNESDAY: 10am | 6pm | 7pm
      THURSDAY: 6am | 12pm | 5pm | 7pm
      FRIDAY: 10am | 6pm | 7pm

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        Unit 9, Carr Mills, Business Park, 919 Bradford Rd, Birstall, Batley WF17 9JY