How many calories does running burn?

The aim is this post is to examine the relationship between recreational running and calorie expenditure.

First up, I want to stress that I don’t run to burn calories. It’s not something that I’m a big fan of. Yes, you’ll burn calories as a function of running but if that’s your modus operandi, it soon becomes a bit of a chore. Run because you enjoy it! Run for the challenge! Run to get faster! Run to run further! That said, however, here is some interesting information.

Last year I ran 240 km, which, in the context of running, isn’t a lot!! A marathon runner might run 1500-3000 km approximately year. But, I still burned 20,795 calories over that 12 months.

To put this into relatable context that’s approximately:

33 Tesco Pizza Express Pizzas a year or 180 bottles of Budweiser (300ml) a year.


Let’s take is a proper runner. Not an Olympic athlete just someone who runs a lot – an enthusiastic, recreational runner.

Michelle ran 908 km last year and burned 120,600 cals.


1453 125ml glasses of prosecco a year or 524 Twirls a year or 193 Tesco Pizza Express Pizzas a year.

We all know you can’t out-train a bad diet but, fundamentally, moving burns calories so running can you can help you to either lose weight, enjoy a little bit of what you want without putting on weight or, as with many of our most successful clients, a little bit of both!


If you’re eating 250 calories a day above maintenance, that’s 91,250 surplus calories a year. You’re looking at about 675km a year to burn that off. That’s 16 marathons.

Either be sensible or get your running shoes out 😀🏃🏼‍♀️🏃


Calorie estimations are exactly that – estimates. Mileage and calorie estimations taken from Garmin (Michelle) and Runkeeper (me).  Nutritional information taken from Tesco website (accessed 2018).

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