The Lack of Results Cycle

I see this all too often and it’s sad because everything we need is right there in front of us but decent results don’t come without doing the right things. Yes, there is some flexibility in terms of how quickly you want results versus how strict you are going to be in order to get them but there is only so much you can deviate from what it takes to get results . At some point you need to choose between doing what everyone else does and looking like everyone else does or getting the results that you want.

First thing’s first, if you are generally genuinely happy with how you look right now that’s fantastic; it doesn’t matter whether you are 8 stones or 15 stones, if you are healthy and happy then just do what you want. But we all know that there are lots of people out there who are constantly bouncing on and off with the quest to feel better about how they look.

Here’s how the cycle usually pans out.

  1. Decide you are not happy with the way you look because you you feel self-conscious in certain clothes and by the pool on summer holidays.
  2. Start a new aesthetics program that you’re pretty sure works and with which you’ve seen many people achieve excellent, sustainable results (there are LOADS available out there, not just ours!).
  3. Don’t follow the plan (for whatever reason, it may be valid or it may be just another excuse).
  4. Decide that you’re more interested in being “fit and healthy” and want to enjoy your training and get a sweat-on so the temporary surge of endorphins a couple of times a week ameliorates the underlying sense of frustration due to lack of progress.
  5. Switch back to the thing you have always done (usually jumping about doing aerobics or Zumba) that hasn’t yielded the results that you secretly want.

So, is there a way to break the cycle? Yes, but it requires a bit of tough love.

If someone you know has a been caught in this cycle for years (yes it’s usually YEARS!) there are really only two options.

1: Leave them to it and hopefully they will figure it out for themselves.

2: Head down to Sainsbury’s and procure a large, wet fish (whole salmon are good due to their size). Take the fish to person in question, ask them to stand up and them smack them round the face with it as hard as you can!

3: The metaphorical equivalent of the wet fish method, which is a frank and honest discussion about what the person wants and what they need to do to achieve it. If they decide that they are not prepared to put in the effort focused in the right direction then try to help them to be happy where they are because the sure-fire road to frustration is wishing you had the results from something you’re not doing. Imagine setting off up the M1 to London twice a week, only to end up in Edinburgh. You’ve got two choices – either start driving in the right direction or stop pining for London and learn to love Edinburgh!

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