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1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching


Q: What have these people got in common?

A: They’ve all worked with me on my nutrition coaching programme. They have achieved brilliant results with 24/7 nutrition support where I’ve “hand-held” them every day as they progressed towards their goal. Who’s next…YOU!??

This is a specialised 1-2-1 nutrition coaching programme from Reach owner and head transformation coach, Danny Sroda.

The results are guaranteed (if you follow the program!) and are healthy, sensible and sustainable!


It’s not for everyone! Clients who have big goals see the value in professional and experienced day-to-day support to guide them through the ups and downs on their weight loss journey.

The feedback from our clients is that they wouldn’t have made anywhere near the same level of progress without it.

Also, the programme is not available to everybody and applications are screened for suitability. If you have the desire and the commitment then we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

What it is

  • Helping you to achieve YOUR goals
  • Daily support via WhatsApp
  • A scientific approach to achieving your goals through nutrition
  • A platform where we look for honesty, not perfection
  • Helping you to break through the plateaus
  • Helping you to understand what you should be doing
  • Helping you to put the “bad” days into perspective
  • Helping you to manage your own expectations

What it isn’t

  • Us telling you what your goals should be
  • Something where you should be worried about letting us down (this is actually a very common worry!
  • An all-or-nothing approach

What does it entail?

  • We will help you track your calories and macros on a daily basis. 
  • We will help you to record and monitor your body weight so that we can identify any patterns.
  • We will create a plan that is aligned with your goals, timescales and mindset. 

What doesn’t matter?

  • Your weight
  • Your fitness level
  • Your goal (whether it’s a few pounds or a few stones)
  • Whether you want a six pack or just to fit into a smaller dress / trouser size – doesn’t matter, I can help!

What matters?

  • You MUST have an “internal locus of control” (see below)
  • You must be able to see past social convention and habits, and want to make your goals your priority
  • You must be more interested in making progress than doing what everyone else does


Locus of Control: Definition:

“The extent to which people believe they have power over events in their lives. A person with an internal locus of control believes that he or she can influence events and their outcomes, while someone with an external locus of control blames outside forces for everything”

Lean and Healthy!

You’ve seen the pictures of our 1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching clients looking phenomenally lean and toned. It’s a fair question to ask whether or not it is also a healthy programme.

In general, our leanest and most toned clients are also our fittest. You can’t perform at that level without proper nutrition.

  • 121 clients get stronger
  • 121 clients get fitter
  • 121 clients lose body fat
  • 121 clients gain muscle
  • 121 clients eat more whole foods
  • 121 clients drink less alcohol
  • 121 clients eat less junk food
  • 121 clients have more energy
  • 121 clients will probably live longer
  • 121 clients have a better quality of life
  • 121 clients feel more confident
  • 121 clients feel less stressed and worried about their weight and their body
  • 121 clients feel more in control of their nutrition

Pricing and Information

  • 12 months LighterLife: £3764 (£313 a month)
  • Full body liposuction: £3000-£6000
  • 12 months Cambridge Diet: £2620 (£218 a month)
  • 12 months Sky TV inc sports and movies: £828 (£69 a month)
  • 12 months Reach Nutrition Coaching£99 a month for first 3 months then £49 a month, charged in 3 month blocks.


Based on the health outcomes I mentioned above I think we are  comparatively under priced by about £5000.

5 stones weight loss on the Reach Nutrition Programme is a completely different visual result to 5 stones weight loss on Slimming World, for example. And every single client, without exception, says the same – they care more about how they look than what they weigh.

“I would like to tell you about losing over 2 stone in weight and of the unbelievable confidence I have gained from it – no longer hate looking the mirror or having my photo taken” (Heidi, Teacher)

“Dan has totally changed my mindset on fitness and training and now I thrive on it and love the new challenges. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone wanting to incorporate fitness in to their life” (Victoria, Business Owner)

“Training with Danny has been the best investment in my health & fitness I’ve ever made. He has really changed my attitude to exercise & diet & I feel much stronger, fitter & healthier than I‘ve ever done before” (Fiona, Physiotherapist)

“Joining Reach was the best decision I’ve done. The online support is amazing!” (Sarah)

“Dan gave me a whole new approach each time I progressed to the next level concentrating on isolation work and associated techniques. He goes through diet and nutritional breakdowns in great detail too and other lifestyle factors. It’s great to see a trainer taking a holistic approach. To the best Personal Trainer in the World – Thank you for making me believe in myself” (Roman)

“Danny is an expert and his advice is always spot on. I have had various gym memberships over the years but they were a waste of money as the results seen in a couple of months under the advice of Danny achieved more than years of the former. Best of all is that he is a genuinely great personality which makes all the difference” (Shahid, Business Owner)

“Training with Danny has been the best investment in myself. My only regret is why it took me so long to start. If you’re reading this then my advice is to pick up the phone and Danny will sort the rest!” (Aslam, Dentist)

“We are fitter than we’ve ever been, we have a lot more energy and are both losing pounds and inches as the weeks go by. He has helped us to look at losing weight differently. I could safely say I couldn’t do this without Danny. Without him I know we wouldn’t be were we are now!” (Phil & Sarah)

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