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PAYG Performance Bootcamp

Reach PAYG Performance Bootcamps are CrossFit style strength and conditioning bootcamps aimed at improving performance and fitness in a fun and teamwork-oriented way.

Bootcamp Times
Saturday 10.15am

What matters…
Your attitude
Your enthusiasm
Your mental strength
Your integrity

What doesn’t matter…
Your fitness level
Your ability
Your weight
Your age

What to expect…

Deadlifts, squats, presses, kettlebells, press ups, burpees, wall balls, box jumps, cleans, running, rower, Assault Bike, Skierg, dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, sit ups, thrusters, pull ups, flexibility, power, agility, speed, endurance, strength.

Everything is scalable, which means it can be adjusted to make it easier or harder to accommodate all fitness levels.

Times: Sat 10.15am
Entry: £5 for non Reach members / Free for Reach PT and Group PT members
Booking: To book on a session, please see our events on Facebook here