Pricing up a PT

Pricing up a PT can be difficult when you don’t really know  you should be looking for.  A good way to approach it is to think of it like hiring for any service.

If you were hiring someone to renovate your kitchen then you might look for recommendations, pictures of previous work,  communication, honesty and price.

Let’s look in more depth at how to price up a PT, whilst bearing in mind the other influencing factors in making a decision.

Personal Training Pricing 

Cheap PT £25 per hour
Top end PT £50 per hour


You are not just paying for an hour of time. You are paying for knowledge, expertise, support, track record, exclusivity of training venue (gym vs private studio) and, ultimately, RESULTS.

Let’s compare the two.

Option 1:

£25 for an hour’s exercise once a week. Basic healthy eating guidance. Home training plan.

Chances of results:
Basic fitness = Yes
Advanced knowledge of basic fitness = Probably not
Toning and fat loss = Maybe

Option 2:

£50 for an hour’s training that is based on industry leading insight into what it takes to achieve a specific goal. Proven and sustainable nutrition programme. Daily support including analysis of nutrition with reference to goals and appropriate milestones, combined with feedback based on years of experience in helping people to get results. Home training plan.

Chances of results:
Basic fitness = Yes
Advanced knowledge of basic fitness = Yes
Toning and fat loss = Yes

It’s not about price per hour. It’s about value per £1 spent. Doesn’t matter if it’s cheap – if it’s ineffective then it’s a waste of money.

So, how does someone choosing a PT for the first time know whether the £50 PT is actually worth that £50? Couldn’t a £25 PT just start charging £50?

Look for a portfolio of previous results. It’s easy to talk the talk but a PT claiming to be able to get good results should have a picture portfolio of previous successes. The more successful you are in which ever line of work, the more you can charge. You would expect to pay more for a quality joiner or builder than you would for a poor quality one.

For the record, I charge £40 for an hour.


Dan Sroda

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