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The Home of Results

Our coaches are hand-picked; the cream of the crop from an industry that is saturated with kids who’ve played a bit of rugby, bodybuilders on steroids, and career coaches who have never been out of shape. We know this might sound harsh but, unfortunately, it’s the reality. Anyone who has trained with us knows we’re really chilled and down to earth, but 0ur laser focus on helping people to get the best out of their health and fitness results means that we need to be honest, as well as nice! 🙂

From a coaching perspective, we look for three specific things in a Reach Coach:

  1. Walk The Walk. Our coaches have been there, done it and continue to work on their craft. We know what it takes to get RESULTS!
  2. Communication. Whether it’s verbal, body language or by email, our coaches are positive, personable and focused on helping you get RESULTS in an enjoyable and friendly manner!
  3. Scientifically Literate. We take our duty of care to our clients incredibly seriously. You won’t find Reach Coaches promoting Forever Living and fad diets. Our coaches are constantly analysing industry fads and trends (and there are many!) to sort the nonsense from the science. This helps our clients get RESULTS faster, more effectively and ensures a culture of integrity, honesty, knowledge and understanding.

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