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Natalie’s 6 Stone Weight Loss

Reach Success Stories

Natalie's reach success: 6 stone + 100cm fat loss

Reach Group PT and 1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching client, Natalie, lost 84lbs (6 stone) with Reach.

“It’s absolutely brilliant. An amazing, life-changing programme! The psychology behind it all is insane. It’s the first time ever that I have felt in control of what I’m eating and understand the science, and my awareness of how things affect my body and weight is unbelievable. So grateful! I know I will achieve the goals I have set”.

Natalie had tried “everything” – Slimming World, Lighter Life, Personal Training and had struggled to lose weight. 

In working with Natalie, our goals were:

  • Help Natalie to understand the science of weight loss/fat loss, and how nutrition and weight loss interreact.
  • Develop a balanced but pragmatic approach to nutrition and achieving her goals.
  • Develop a strong and positive mindset and psychology to overcome mental and emotional obstacles.
  • Develop all areas of fitness, including strength, cardio, power and skill.

Natalie showed an immense level of understanding of the science behind her progress and put in an incredible amount of effort, both inside and outside of training sessions, to achieve her 6 stone weight loss in 12 months.

It was a real team effort from Natalie and the Reach coaches, working together to achieve truly life-changing results.

In this video, Natalie talks to Reach Coach, Dan, about her (at that point) amazing 5 stone weight loss and looks ahead to the future.....

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