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Running makes up about 10% of my total training. I generally run a little bit between March and September and hibernate during the cold, wet weather.

First of all I want to stress that I don’t run to burn off calories and I don’t recommend that you should run to burn off calories.

Run because you enjoy it. Run for the challenge. Run to get faster. Run to run further. But don’t run to burn off calories.

However, that said, here is some interesting information.

Last year I ran 240km. That is not a lot!! A marathon runner might run 1500-3000km a year.


I still burned 20,795 calories.

To put this into relatable context, that’s either:

1 Tesco Pizza Express Pizza every 11 days.
180 bottles of Budweiser (300ml)


Let’s take is a proper runner. Not an Olympic athlete just someone who runs a lot. An enthusiastic, recreational runner.

Lisa ran 908km last year and burned 120,600 cals.


1453 glasses of prosecco (125ml)
524 Twirls
1 Tesco Pizza Express Pizza every 1.89 days.

We all know you can’t out-train a bad diet but moving burns calories so you can help yourself to either lose weight, enjoy a little bit of what you want without putting on weight or, more often, a little bit of both!


If you’re eating 250 calories a day above maintenance, that’s 91,250 surplus calories a year. You’re looking at about 675km to burn that off. That’s 16 marathons. About one every 3 weeks!

Either be sensible or get your running shoes out 😀🏃🏼‍♀️🏃


Milage and calorie estimations taken from Tom-Tom (Lisa) and Runkeeper (me).  Nutritional information taken from Tesco website:

Dan Sroda

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