Stop Buying Weight Gain & Bulking Powders!

Why do you want to gain weight?

OK, first let me ask you a question: what’s your goal? If you want to bulk up or gain weight then why do you need a powder? Have you never heard of McDonald’s, Pizza Hut or pork pies? They will help you to gain weight and bulk up really quickly and they taste flipping lovely.

…Oh, you don’t want to get fat? So what do you want to do?

Build muscle & lose fat

If you’re like most people, you want to reduce your body fat, gain some muscle and increase your strength and fitness. So, although you might pack on a bit of bulk by eating Big Macs and pies, 80% of that is likely to be fat!

Similarly, weight gain powders are just powders that contain lots of fat and sugar. Yes, you’ll get bigger but you might as well go to the chippy – it tastes better and at least you’ll get a bigger intake of¬†protein from the fish!

No short cuts

There really are no short-cuts to increasing muscle and losing fat.¬† You’ll need the right amount of calories, an appropriate intake of protein as well as enough carbs and healthy fats for good health and energy.

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Dan Sroda

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