The illusion of being “toned”

This post isn’t about whether you like one side or the other. This post is about the misconceptions of what being “pumped”, “ripped” or whatever you want to call it looks like. 

Same person. In one photo relaxed with her dad. Other photo pumping iron, flexed, with lighting and a filter. 

The lean and “toned” body that many females aspire to when they see it in a dress, actually looks a lot more “manly” (as some people who don’t get how it works would say) when pumped. 

Want to look toned?

Increase your muscle (perhaps not as much as the pro CrossFitter pictured if that’s not to your taste) and reduce your body fat. 


Get your heart rate up high most days. Do some resistance training. Manage your nutrition accordingly. Make sure you’re progressing. 

Image credit: Henry House and Kelley Jackson

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