The Truth About What it Takes to Get in Great Shape

We received this message today. This really does sum-up the attitude of our most successful clients!

Everyone sees the before and after pictures and all these fit and healthy looking Reach transformations on Instagram and Facebook.

What they don’t see is the attitude behind the progress. Exceptional progress takes exceptional commitment and that commitment comes from enjoying the process. If it is a chore for you then you will struggle.

On average, clients who are totally on it lose a stone every 3-4 months. We think this is a reasonable amount in reasonable time to ensure that they end up “toned” and not “floppy”.

So if you have 5 stones to lose then you can expect to lose this in about 15 to 20 months…IF you are committed to a massive lifestyle change.

So, what if you are not that committed? Can it still be done?

In our experience, both as coaches and just observing people in everyday life, it usually goes one of four ways.

1, They are mega committed and make progress as stated above.

2, They are relatively committed and make good progress through exercise but the nutrition lets them down so eventually the weight loss stalls because you can’t rely totally on exercise. “You can’t out-train poor nutrition”. They might lose a couple of stones but they will never get the body that they said they wanted unless they make radical changes to their nutrition.

3, They don’t make any significant progress relative to the time they have been trying. This lack of progress is usually accompanied by one of two approaches:

A, They flit from one trainer to the next. From Slimming World to Paleo. From Insanity to Trampoline. Looking for an easy solution.

B, They say “I’m happy as I am” but still feel crap about themselves. (To be clear, if somebody is overweight and is genuinely happy and healthy then that’s fantastic. But all too often we see people declaring their happiness and body-confidence but then breaking down every few months because, in reality, they still want to lose weight).

4, They chip away, slowly, over a period of about 10 years. They are prepared to sacrifice speed for a more liberal approach. Not a bad approach this. The true definition of “balance”. as long as you align your expectations with your commitment this is a fair enough approach.

So, we hope this is a bit of an eye-opener into what it actually takes to get in very good shape in reasonable time. It’s not just a run round the block and eat a bit better when you feel like it. It’s not a part time commitment. It’s a complete lifestyle change.

If you think you have what it takes to make this kind of lifestyle change then check out our packages here.

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