Training vs Exercising: Don’t be a Drudge!

If you are focusing on how many calories you are burning when you are exercising then you are doing exactly that – “exercising”. To make the best of your workout time you need to be “training”.

What’s the difference?
Exercising = Physical activity
Training = Physical activity with a plan, a focus and an effort towards incremental improvement.

How can you tell if you are training as opposed to exercising?

– You’re trying hard to get one more rep.
– You’re trying hard to increase the weight you lift.
– You know what you’re going to do before you get to the gym – you (or your trainer) has a plan.
– You feel happy that you’re getting faster, stronger, better.

– None of the above apply to you.
– You feel happy that you’ve worked out.

Exercising is good if you’re new to fitness but, even then, you should be recording what you’re doing so you’re not just aimlessly picking up weights each session or slogging it out on the treadmill with no real goal or plan – that’s just drudgery!

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Dan Sroda

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