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Vegan is not automatically healthier than omnivore!

The vegan movement has grown exponentially over the last couple of years! Do you really think all these people have suddenly become ethical warriors? Have you seen masses of coverts going on marches carrying banners with “Animal Lives Matter” printed on? No! The reason is because people are choosing to go vegan for the purported health benefits and/or weight loss benefits. Let me tell you now. It’s nonsense!

Let me start by saying that I have absolutely nothing against the principle of not eating animals or using animals for clothing etc. There is a relatively good chance that I might end up vegetarian or vegan one day (because I like animals) but, if I do, I will be exactly the same as some of the vegans I know who are frustrated by the scientific illiteracy that surrounds the subject.

Many ethical vegans are fed up of often recently converted vegans talking B.S. about the supposed health benefits (more than likely because they watched a scientifically ridiculed Netflix documentary🙄) and detracting from the cogent and powerful argument put forward by some ethical vegans.

My biggest tip for anyone when it comes to nutrition is EAT MORE VEG! I always qualify this by saying I’m not necessarily saying eat less meat!! Although this could potentially be a good move if the majority of your meat intake comes from highly processed meat (sausage rolls, bacon sandwiches, sausages, frozen lasagna, cheap frozen burgers etc).

It’s important to point out, however, that I’m not singling out meat, here, I’m singling out excessive consumption of highly processed food, which can lead to a variety of serious diseases, not least of which The Big C! So, this also applies to highly processed anything. Potato waffles are vegan but I would cut down on them if I were eating them all the time!

A plant-based diet, focusing mainly on fresh, whole foods with some meat, fish wholegrain and dairy included, is about as healthy as you can get. This ain’t vegan!

If I do go vegan or vegetarian it’s because I like animals and I believe many of them are sentient beings. This choice, however, will mean that my diet is probably slightly less healthy than the plant-based diet I have described above but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to compromise my health as much as drinking alcohol on a regular basis does.

I’ve actually had vegans come back from Ibiza, still absolutely off their tits on drugs and comment on the fact I’m eating butter “It’s bad for you” 🙈🙄🤯 – an example of the pervasive lack of critical thinking within society, illustrated perfectly by the judgement and behaviour of large chunks of society during the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

My point being, I’m not going to fret about any minor health implications if I’m hammering the vodka I’m not worrying about that! So it may be a compromise I’m willing to make and, moreover, I’ll do it without being blinded by the nonsense that is constantly swirling around this industry.

Dan Sroda
Personal Trainer at Reach Personal Training
Dan Sroda is a Personal Trainer based in Birstall, serving Leeds and Bradford.

As the owner and lead trainer at Reach Personal Training, I am responsible for the philosophy of the business and overseeing client programmes.

My mission is for Reach Personal Training to be synonymous with a long-term, real-life approach to health and fitness. We help our clients to integrate health and fitness into their busy lives. We don't do fads. We don't do crash diets. We do "Fitness For Life".

I have a family. I’ve always worked (and not always in the fitness industry). I have housework and shopping to do. I have a REAL life. So I know what it takes to balance a real life with a sustainable approach to health and fitness.

If I can do it then anyone else can too. All you need is the desire to make eating healthily and keeping fit a priority in your life. An hour a day, thirty minutes a day, even fifteen minutes a day of exercise, supported with a healthy diet based on whole foods, is all it takes to make steady long-term progress towards looking and feeling fantastic.

I have a few simple values upon which I have built Reach Personal Training. Only personal trainers who share these values will be part of our team.

- Friendliness. Just be a genuinely nice person, it's dead simple and it's the best way to live. Smile as much as possible and try to see the best in every situation.

- No fads. No pseudoscience. My background in academia makes me question everything. There is so much nonsense in the fitness industry, mainly because some people are in it to make money so they'll believe anything and questioning it will mean they can't believe in the product. We are different. We do what works. We use science to create our programmes and we never put profit over effectiveness. You will NEVER find Herbalife or Forever Living in our studio!


The Reach Personal Training approach to health and fitness is no-nonsense but fun, friendly and motivating. We don’t do short-cuts or fad diets. Our FAT LOSS and BODY TONING training programmes are based on science and common-sense and they get long-lasting results.

If you hate the thought of drifting aimlessly from machine to machine around a commercial gym, with Jeremy Kyle on the TV, then get in touch today to enquire about our Private Personal Training & Group PT packages

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