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Why do Reach clients get such good RESULTS?

When you think about hiring a personal trainer do you think about hiring someone who is just going to stand there and make you exercise – like an expensive babysitter? Of course, there is some element of that with any training but that is such a small and relatively insignificant part of what we do at Reach.

One of the things our clients are paying for is expertise to help them to cut out the frustration of sifting through all the conflicting information out there and being disappointed when it doesn’t work.

We’ve already done it all!

We have years of experience working on ourselves and with many many clients. This means we have already cut through all the nonsense and we know what works and what doesn’t work.

It’s often a struggle for people who are just trying to get rid of a bit of body fat off the hips, belly, back or thighs, trying everything they’ve heard they should be doing – eating more healthy fats, HIIT, Tabata, carb cycling, intermittent fasting, creatine, increasing calories, decreasing calories, cutting carbs before bed, increasing carbs around their work out to fuel their HIIT 🤯🤯😬😬😭😭😞. It really is an absolute nightmare for many people who just want to get some damn results!

That’s where we come in! 🙌😊💪.

Could you learn how to sing or improve your public speaking using a book or with YouTube? Yes you could definitely improve! But what if you lack confidence? That’s going to be something that’s very difficult to achieve without a real person to guide you.

Could you learn online how to build a house from start to finish with electrics, plumbing and everything that goes with it?

Of course you could but it’s going to be a long, laborious process and that’s with something that’s not as ambiguous and psychologically intensive as changing your body.

Instead, you pay an expert to do it for you but not just paying them for their time, you are paying them for their knowledge, experience and expertise.

In terms of our clients, we are the architect and the project manager:

  • We work with our clients to help them define and decide what they want to construct, in terms of their body.
  • We guide and advise them on what will work and what won’t work.
  • We help them to develop a timescale.
  • We hold their hand through the entire project.
  • We put the successes and failures into context to help them stay on track when needed.

Then we work with clients on an individual level. We take the plan that works for everyone and tweak/adapt it to the individual client – their life, their psychology, their goals, their personality. Everything is fine-tuned as much as possible. It’s like an entire Olympic team all working together to get the best results possible.

One of the reasons that we help so many people to get such good results is that we all work so well as a team. Our coaching team really does sing from the same hymn sheet. We don’t have five different personal trainers each doing their own thing and telling clients different things, like you would get in a gym.

So, that’s our part of the team set up, after that it’s up to the clients to put in the graft. They do the hard work of sticking to the calories and macros we have set them. They put in the effort with their training. Our part of the process is pretty much based on education, learning and a decent insight into what we need to do to create the right environment for success. The actual bloody hard graft is done by our amazing clients! 👏👏

Our experienced clients are absolutely phenomenal at supporting newer clients! ”It works”. “You can do it”. “Just follow the process”. People often see these hardcore training shots of people lifting what looks like an unobtainable about of weight, women doing pull ups and amazing before and after pictures and think our that clients are crazy bodybuilder type nutters 👹😂. New clients are often very pleasantly surprised to find that Reach clients are just normal people (teachers, secretaries, lawyers, joiners, accounts managers, housewives, HR executives, dentists, retired police officers, interior designers and so on!). Just normal people come in and train for an hour and then go home to doing normal things like the rest of us – we’ve all got kids to feed, grass that needs cutting and socks to pair up 😂🙄.

These are just a few of the reasons why we are not your every day five quid bootcamp. We are The Home of Results ❤️

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Dan Sroda
Personal Trainer at Reach Personal Training
Dan Sroda is a Personal Trainer based in Birstall, serving Leeds and Bradford.

As the owner and lead trainer at Reach Personal Training, I am responsible for the philosophy of the business and overseeing client programmes.

My mission is for Reach Personal Training to be synonymous with a long-term, real-life approach to health and fitness. We help our clients to integrate health and fitness into their busy lives. We don't do fads. We don't do crash diets. We do "Fitness For Life".

I have a family. I’ve always worked (and not always in the fitness industry). I have housework and shopping to do. I have a REAL life. So I know what it takes to balance a real life with a sustainable approach to health and fitness.

If I can do it then anyone else can too. All you need is the desire to make eating healthily and keeping fit a priority in your life. An hour a day, thirty minutes a day, even fifteen minutes a day of exercise, supported with a healthy diet based on whole foods, is all it takes to make steady long-term progress towards looking and feeling fantastic.

I have a few simple values upon which I have built Reach Personal Training. Only personal trainers who share these values will be part of our team.

- Friendliness. Just be a genuinely nice person, it's dead simple and it's the best way to live. Smile as much as possible and try to see the best in every situation.

- No fads. No pseudoscience. My background in academia makes me question everything. There is so much nonsense in the fitness industry, mainly because some people are in it to make money so they'll believe anything and questioning it will mean they can't believe in the product. We are different. We do what works. We use science to create our programmes and we never put profit over effectiveness. You will NEVER find Herbalife or Forever Living in our studio!


The Reach Personal Training approach to health and fitness is no-nonsense but fun, friendly and motivating. We don’t do short-cuts or fad diets. Our FAT LOSS and BODY TONING training programmes are based on science and common-sense and they get long-lasting results.

If you hate the thought of drifting aimlessly from machine to machine around a commercial gym, with Jeremy Kyle on the TV, then get in touch today to enquire about our Private Personal Training & Group PT packages

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